Update for 10/2/1010

  • Quite a few Lane staff do not have their @lanecc.edu email in Banner as their preferred email. Because of this if they need to approve a Softdocs eform they don’t see their notification email. They can always see it in their Softdocs Dashboard email, but staff aren’t logging into it yet on a regular basis.
  • Softdocs is so efficient it is bringing up a need to update business processes. For example, College Finance is switching from Banner document imaging for JE approvals to Softdocs and changing their internal JE approval process.
  • Worked with form builders this week to develop more eforms and eform building skills.
  • Worked with departments to test their eforms and some were put into production while others asked for more testing.
  • Softdocs demo with staff from ASA.
  • Asked HR if they would like a demo.
  • I set up a new eform builder training for the week of Oct 19

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