Update for 10/12/2020

  • We now have 21 eforms live and in use.
  • As we work with staff at Lane we are discovering different needs for workflows. We found a new feature that allows a person to skip a step in a workflow if they are part of the next group.
  • Worked on SAP form
  • Worked with Degree Evaluators on a new eform
  • Worked with various Lane staff going through workflows and ASA eforms
  • Worked with the Finance department and launched 2 new eforms
  • Worked on student facing eforms. Discussed more information that we could bring over from Banner.
  • Trying to configure a way for finished eforms to be sent to various college shared directories.
  • Worked with HR on forms and will create and test the workflows this week.
  • Created a Lane video to help staff navigate the Check Request Softdocs eform.
  • Will work this week with Enrollment Services to try and get more eforms into production.
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