Update for 10/19/2020

  • We have 24 eforms live now
  • Have been working with ASA on new eforms and workflow processes
  • We launched HR’s  Personnel Action eform to a select group of users
  • We have been working on more advanced functions of eforms such as calculated fields and conditional fields
  • New online form builder training this week for 15 people
  • Provided HR a demo of Softdocs
  • Have been working with Heidi in HR Benefits on eforms and workflows and were able to get an insurance enrollment eform into production
  • New Banner database sources returning data such as student major, vendor name and Lnumber or employee current hire date
  • Rebuilt the Deans and Director’s group
  • Workflow Reports are now working. Details such as how many eforms are in a current step of a workflow or assigned to a specific person
  • Working with FinAid to get a financial aid appeal eform into production
  • Working on a College Finance purchasing eform
  • As we become better and faster at building new eforms, the majority of time is now spent on testing with end users and workflow adjustments.
  • Will work this week with Enrollment Services to try and get more eforms into production.
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