Update for 11/23/2020

  • 17 student eforms in production
  • 23 employee eforms¬† in production
  • 27 eforms in a ready to test status
  • The Softdocs team is now working with 14 college departments and improving processes by increasing efficiency, accuracy and communication. Changes are being made to eforms as staff and students provide feedback to the departments.
  • Worked with financial aid on their eforms.
  • We are now using the new Softdocs extender to speed up production of eforms and add new functionality.
  • Met with the Softdocs marketing team as they are doing a case study on our use of Softdocs at Lane. Softdocs was impressed with the progress we have made so soon.
  • Tested eforms with College Finance staff and put into production 2 ICO eforms. The new eforms and workflows will help with the funds transfer process by improving communication and efficiency with an electronic process, instead of paper.
  • Went over an eform and workflow with the Office of the Provost.
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