Softdocs Updates

Update for 10/2/1010

Quite a few Lane staff do not have their email in Banner as their preferred email. Because of this if they need to approve a Softdocs eform they don’t see their notification email. They can always see it in their Softdocs Dashboard email, but staff aren’t logging into it yet on a regular basis. …

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Update for 9/21/2020

An eform for a stop payment request was determined to be 3 different eforms and brought up several business process questions across college departments. Softdocs is shining a light on current business processes and how they can be improved. I enlisted the help of Anna Scott to help sort out current workflows with a department. …

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Update for 9/28/2020

We now have 18 eforms live and in use, thanks team for all of your hard work! Going through workflows and ASA eforms Worked with the Finance department and launched 3 new eforms: Check request, Vendor Setup and ICO. Worked on student facing eforms. Trying to configure a way for finished eforms to be sent to …

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